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               TOURNAMENT SCHEDULES  2015
      "Fish for a Cure"   2nd annual Bass tournament August 9 2014            .
      Fall Hawg Hunt Oct 12th 2014       CASTAWAY  Bass Club
    Mid Michigan Bassers    Hand of Hope Fishing Tournament Aug 8th 2015
  Riley Memorial Open Bass Tournament  Sept. 12TH & 13TH  2015
          Rose Lake Tournament  Saturday Sept. 21 2014
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   Wed Night Hog Hunters

                    2015 Schedule

               2015 Tournament Standings  


                     ( Printable Schedule )

   Tournament Time  -  6:00 PM  to 9:00 PM


Date              Location                        Launch Site

5-27            Rose Lake                                County Park

Big Bass                   Big Bag                    Critter

Jon Walenjus            Mike Engels             Clinton Weck

     4.36#                       7.70#                         4.37#

6-03            Lake Missaukee                       County Park

Big Bass                   Big Bag                    Critter

Steve Alberts          Steve Albets              Andy Pluger

       3.18#                    7.20#                        4.02#

6-10           Cadillac/Mitchell                      Kenwood Park

Big Bass                   Big Bag                    Critter

Keith Grandy           Keith Grandy            Clinten Weck

        5.47#                       8.53#                      6.47#

6-17           Chippewa lake                         
Public Launch 

Big Bass                   Big Bag                    Critter

Fred Fleming            Lance Johnson         Thomas Jessup

    3.32#                         8.19#                        3.88#

6-24           Big Lake                                  
Public Launch 

Big Bass                   Big Bag                    Critter

Mark Edstrom          Andy Pluger            Jason McCrimmon

Steve Alberts

    2.90#                       7.40#                       3.27#

7-01           Martiny Chain                        Lower  Evens Launch

               ( non qualifying night )


7-08           Crooked Lake                         
Public Launch 


7-15          Lake Missaukee   
                    County Park                         


7-22          Rose Lake
                               County Park


7-29           Cadillac/Mitchell
                  Kenwood Park


8-05           Big Lake                              
Public Launch         


8-12           Chippewa Lake                  
Public Launch 


8-19           Lake Missaukee ( Banquet )  
    County Park


8-26          T.B.A ( Classic )


Membership Fee      $45.00 per boat ( One time for each boat )

                                must pay to fish any tournament

                              $25 for 1 day Membership

Entry Fee                 $20.00 per Boat ( one to four people )

                               $7.00 3 heaviest fish bag & $3.00 to 2nd heaviest

                               $7.00 Big Bass & $3.00 to 2nd Big Bass

                               $5.00  (optional) Critter pot, any fish other than bass

Classic Fee              $20.00 optional

                               (One time for each boat- paid before a win to qualify )

Registration - 5:00pm to 5:30pm

Tournament Time - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Weigh-in - 9:10pm to 9:30pm (must have fish at weigh station by 9:30pm)

              No Dead Fish will be weighed


Qualify for the Classic by

Big Bass of the night.

Being one of the Top Three boats in total weight for the season not already in by a win!

One luck of the draw boats to be drawn at banquet! (Must be present )

100 % Payback 

Critter -  Payback to two places, same as above.




Lakes are “off limits” day of tournament,

12:00am until tournament start time 6:00pm

This is a catch and release tournament – no dead fish will be weighed.

No Trolling, Artificial Bait Only, One line per person and no late

weigh-ins. Teams must be back at the launch site, 

and  all fishing will cease at the “quit time” 9:00 PM,

or team will be disqualified for that tournament.

No leaving your boat at any time during Tournament,

 or team will be disqualified for that tournament.

No short fish, team brings a short fish to the scales, 

team will be disqualified for that tournament.


Good Sportsmanship to be observed and displayed at all times


Good Sportsmanship to be observed and displayed at all times


Tournament Director

Brad Cox     





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Cadillac MI 49601


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